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A videó 12 másodperc múlva lesz elérhető.

Skrillex, Justin Bieber & Don Toliver - Don't Go (Official Music Video)

Létrehozás dátuma: 2021. 08. 24.

Leírás: Skrillex, Justin Bieber & Don Toliver - Don't Go Stream/DL Subscribe for more official content from Skrillex CREDITS: Production Company - PRETTYBIRD Director - Salomon Ligthelm Executive Producer - Candice Dragonas Assistant to Executive Producer - Mary-Kate Reilly Head of Production - Rika Osenberg Line Producer - Melissa Larsen-Ekholm Production Supervisor - Sabrina Mossberg Assistant Production Supervisor - Brittany Destree Dek Talent Coordinator - Ricky Small 1st AD - Eric Schneider 2nd AD - John Meyer Director of Photography - Albert Salas 1st AC - Payam Yazdandoost 1st AC – B Cam - Erich Aguilar 2nd AC - Joe Ashi Loader - Chastin Noblett Crane Operator - Bogdan Iofciulescu BB Electric - David Comelius Programmer - Dustin Evans Gaffer - Sean Ginn BB Electric - Sean Smith Programmer - Scott Webb Electric - Chris Tucker Electric - Jeff White Electric - Pedro Huerta Driver - John Hopton Key Grip - Colby Dunford BB Grip - Curtis Brown 3rd Grip - Chris Reynolds Grip / Driver - Pierre Boladian Production Designer - Tino Schaedler Art Coordinator - Marisa Papavero Set Decorator - Piper Riley Props Master - Adam Jette Leadman - Ed Lee Set Dresser - Scott DeSantis Set Dresser - Taylor Fitz Gibbon Effects - Jim Gill Props Maker - Mark Summit VTR - Jacobus Bass Celeb Moho Driver - Don Clarke Celeb Moho Driver - Charles Woods CCM - Tim Schmidt Medic - David Kingsley Sanitation – Francisco Craft Service - Mary Tyler Production Assistant - Robert Lomeli Production Assistant - Melissa Kane Production Assistant - Alma Muniz Production Assistant - Bryce Nahaku Production Assistant - Jack Runnels Production Assistant - Kyler Simmons Production Assistant - Andrew Pino Production Assistant - Marcus Soto Production Assistant - Kohl Baas Production Assistant - Mike Zielinski Editorial - Cabin Editing Co. Editor - Robert Lopuski Cutting Assistant - Dusten Zimmerman Post Producer - Brittany Carson Head of Production – Cabin Editing Co. - Liz Leydecker Executive Producer – Cabin Editing Co. - Adam Becht Managing Partner - Carr Schilling Visual Effects - Blacksmith VFX Supervisor / CG Lead - Tuna Unalan Lead Compositor - Yebin Ahn Flame Artist - Hannah Wilk VFX Producer - Ashley Goodwin Color - Blacksmith Colorist - Mikey Pehanich Color Assistant - Sam Howells Color Producer - Ashley Goodwin LYRICS: My Mona Lisa baby My master piece baby When I’m in pieces baby You give me peace of mind You tell me we’ll be fine You always get me right When it’s dark, you’re my light Baby that’s why I need you on the regular And if it wasn’t you no it’d never work Got me going out my way to show you what you’re worth, don’t go Don’t Go I put in the work to hear you say Don’t Go Misery missing your company Don’t Go See em pulling at you that way Don’t Go This is where you supposed to be Don’t go I woke up in the city I ain’t see your face Almost lost my mind medication Five stars for participation It’s a COVID operation Hope you hear this where your stationed Lost my Bonnie By that time you already banged it She armed and dangerous That long hair got me tangled up You are my Topanga Stood your ground even when they aimed at us Even thru all of that pain None of it was in vain And I’m proud of who you become I hope you feel the same Frozen Don’t let me go But let it go please We been so close Don’t go ghosting me My vital OG That’s on the record You made me better I put in the work to hear you say Don’t Go Misery missing your company Don’t Go See em pulling at you that way Don’t Go This is where you supposed to be Don’t go Peace and love You talk about him like he’s decent enough See you moving is he keeping up Don’t know what you’re doing but you needing love Needing love How far can you get girl You know I been in love with you since the beginning girl Talking out of tone to me gotta be kidding girl Get you all alone with me gotta be committed girl Girl I need to see your face Hit the gas to win the race 30 pounds of loaded bass Move it babe I love the chase Do your dirt I keep the taste Pop that shit And make me wait Shorty like that On the up but I might be late I put in the work to hear you say Don’t Go Misery missing your company Don’t Go See em pulling at you that way Don’t Go This is where you supposed to be Don’t Go Follow Skrillex Follow Justin Bieber Follow Don Toliver #Skrillex #JustinBieber #DonToliver #DontGo

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